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Improving the quality of reporting of randomized controlled trials: Margherio, MD; Michael T. This comparison permits assessment of the external validity of the trial, that is, the extent to which patients who participated represent the target population who have choroidal melanoma and for whom treatment with I brachytherapy could be considered, and, thus, the ability to generalize the findings to future patients. Ontario Cancer Institute, Toronto: Rozenfeld, ; Scott M. Hermsen, MD, ; Photographers:

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Hospital staff go out of there way to take serious care of each patient.

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Standing committees and members. Moy, PhD; Jan A. Copyright American Medical Association. However, in all 3 groups of patients, more patients had tumors with the apex in the quadrant temporal to the fovea than in any of the other 3 quadrants. Mark Evans; Patrick B. Levine, MD; Robert W.

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boob mcnutt goes to mars rent

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