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Police on Saturday night arrested a year-old youth for allegedly raping a year-old girl at the house of her aunt in Faidan. A dentist will take a close look at all your teeth, your tongue, the soft and hard tissues of your mouth and neck, and the area around your jaw to determine if there are any unusual changes in tissue. One of the most effective ways to track your heart-disease risk is to check your cholesterol levels. Low levels typically indicate an overactive thyroid; high levels, an underactive one. Shop Real Simple Logo. Smokers and women who have more than a drink or two a day are at a greater risk for gum disease and oral cancers.

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Women who have a family history of ovarian cancer or ongoing pelvic pain.

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10 Medical Tests Every Woman Should Have

If your bone density is low, your doctor may recommend the NTX test, a urine test that measures the rate at which you're losing bone mass; she may also want you to be X-rayed annually. To find out whether you're at risk for osteoporosis. Blood tests screen for syphilis, hepatitis, and HIV. Your doctor will order blood tests to measure your blood glucose levels after fasting. If your total cholesterol is overyour HDL is less than 40, or your LDL is over or over if you're at high riskyour doctor may recommend diet changes, increased exercise, and weight loss to improve your cholesterol profile.

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video of real girl medical checkup
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video of real girl medical checkup
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