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He tried to think for a moment. As he looked at her, her beautiful brown eyes looking straight back at him with such warmth, his heart melted a little at that. Merlin I had no idea you'd be this big though. They ended up taking her to Madame Pomfrey to get checked out, but she seemed at just as much of a loss as them as to what happened. Fleur's bra he knew had been custom made, so it didn't have a size label on it and he hadn't been brave enough to ask just what size. You just spent twenty minutes looking at clothing!

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Evidently when you played hard to get, some girls end up all the more interested in you and try all that much harder.

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It was her mother. Of course simply holding Susan's massive bra was enough to get little Harry to reach a whole new level of an erection. Hermione's was considerably thicker than everyone else's. She just shrugged and said, "word gets around this school far too quickly especially when it comes to you as our resident most eligible bachelor by far. Weasley, as Fred and George came into the kitchen to get their letters.

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