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Start things off with him sitting, for example, on the couch. The receiving partner is on top which keeps penetration mobility high, while rear entry remains very intimate. Get her to sit, facing away on top of the seated partner. Gently shove her onto the blankets and then climb on top of her to do all the work yourself. Get our newsletter every Friday!

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Shedding Light on Candles.

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15 Dominating Things She Wishes You’d Do During Rough Sex

Deep stick position This is sure to get her moaning and screaming. You may unsubscribe at any time. Drive in roughly and feel her wet walls surround your shaft as her ass slaps down against you. However, with a lot of hip attitude, you can also turn this into something mind-blowing. Let her raise her hips just a little till he can feel the tip of his member rubbing her labia, and then slip inside. As the heat turns up, you can both undress and then the party can really get started. It gives you a great view of her ass and lets you control the rhythm and speed.

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